Enjoy hot drinks for longer!

Set the temperature that's right for you and keep your hot drink hot!

Forgot you made yourself a hot drink?

We get it!

Imagine this: a busy day ahead, you prepare a delicious hot beverage to fuel your productivity, and before you know it, cold cups of forgotten drinks are everywhere, creating a cluttered atmosphere. Let's tackle this issue together!

Why Our Product?

Safe Overheat Protection

Use our advanced overheat protection technology for safety.

100% Secure Payment

Experience secure payment options like Shopify, Google, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

2-Year Warranty

Stress Less with our 2-Year Warranty! For any faults, or damages, contact us.


💧 Is it Waterproof?

Although our CozyCoasters are not waterproof, they do feature a water-resistant design. Their plastic casing and water-resistant silicon cover ensure protection from moisture.

🚚 How long is Shipping?

Shipping times may vary between 4 and 12 days, as they are dependent on the availability of couriers and your location. If you live in a metro or populated town, you can anticipate a quicker delivery time of around 4 days

☕ Can I use my Insulated Mug?

Unfortunately, no. If you were to expose the insulated mug to external temperatures, it could cause damage over time. It is best to use materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, or glass instead.

❔ I have more Questions!

If you have more questions, or even would like a discount on our coasters, feel free to e-mail us